Everything about Smart Collaboration System

Everything about Smart
Collaboration System

The best technologies, most references, greatest support services! HANDYSOFT sets the standard for groupware.

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New beginning of Cloud Groupware

New beginning of
Cloud Groupware

Entered China's largest platform market! Experience the cloud technologies of HANDYSOFT

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Smart changes in daily life through connection

Smart changes in daily
life through connection

Connects the everyday convenience of IoT technologies from HANDYPIA IoT platforms to connected cars.

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Platform-based Global  Standard Service

Platform-based Global
Standard Service

Highly competitive technologies and reinforced global collaboration – HANDYSOFT challenges continue!

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Software expert   diagnosis

Software expert

We have worked ceaselessly for 26 years for our customers. HANDYSOFT will give you a sense of trust!

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  • SW

    Offers work infrastructure that integrates all solutions
    needed for communication and collaboration in companies into one.

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    The proven best collaboration solutions can be used through rational cloud services.

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  • IoT

    IoT platform based on global IoT standards and cloud service. Start your IoT services with HANDYPIA.

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    Front end solutions such as portal framework-based contents, collaboration solution,
    knowledge-management solutions and document management solutions are
    integrated into one to offer work support infrastructure.

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    Visualizes work processes to integrate and execute the regulations, people, organization and systems
    focusing on processes and offers optimizable solutions through continuous improvements.

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  • IoT

    Offers quick and easy platforms for various IoT services such as
    IoT-based smart work, home appliances, healthcare, etc. at HANDYpia.

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